Why Choose a Certified Auto Body Shop Over a Dealership?

Are you planning to get your car repaired? Figuring out whether to go to a certified auto body shop or a dealership is difficult. Each has its advantages, depending on your vehicle and your other personal preferences. However, here are some reasons why an auto body shop might be a better option for you.

More Affordable
One of the first things to consider when choosing an auto body shop or a dealership is the price. Regarding affordability, you’ll most likely find the best deals with independent body shops. At dealerships, the technicians use branded car parts, which typically cost more than the unbranded ones in auto body shops.

Regarding labor, workers at dealerships get paid more the longer they work on a vehicle. So, the more repairs that they make, the more they earn. As such, they might recommend that you get things fixed when you don’t really need to, which allows them to make more money and, in turn, you to spend more.

Additionally, dealerships may also charge more because the workers there have more specialized training specifically for luxury cars. Having this type of background often demands a higher fee.

Wider Skillset
Technicians in body shops don’t just work with a single car brand. They have repaired all types of car models and makes from different manufacturers. So, technicians are well-equipped to deal with most, if not all, types of auto body damage. In contrast with dealerships, which focus more on specific types of high-end cars.

Higher Quality Services
Since workers at dealerships focus on the time spent on labor, they may lack attention to the actual quality of their work. In contrast, you can be assured that it’s not like this an auto body shop.

The technicians here will spend the time needed to ensure your car gets repaired in the best way possible. You will not have to worry about technicians cutting corners to get more repairs done, like how some dealerships do. 

Visit Experts at Marv’s Body Shop
Are you looking for a certified auto body shop to take your car to? Visit us at Marv’s Body Shop. Our professional team has been around for decades. With our many years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that our mechanics have what it takes to provide you with expert auto body repair services.

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