When your car’s cosmetic components get damaged, the first place that you would want to go to is an auto body shop. Most people may care more about the result of the auto body collision repair rather than the process of how it was done. Though, learning about the procedure can give you insight into the labor that was placed in for the service you’re paying. Read on to learn about the auto body repair process in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

1. Inspection and Estimation

When you bring your vehicle to an auto body shop, technicians will first look at the physical damages. Based on their observations, they will give you an estimate of how much the service will cost. Take note that this is only for visible issues; this does not include hidden damages yet.

2. Further Examination

This is where technicians inspect for any hidden and additional damages. To further examine your vehicle, they may contact your insurance company and ask permission to disassemble your car. This is to make sure that all damage is documented correctly and confirm if anything else needs to be repaired.

3. Structure and Body Repair

The actual restoration of your vehicle happens in this stage. For structure repair, technicians will use a measuring system to keep track of all stages in this process. This system will also analyze the vehicle’s framework and return the car to its original form. After the structure repair, your vehicle’s metal parts will be swapped out accordingly.

4. Finishing the Details

After the major parts have been repaired, it is time to do the final details. This includes painting, reassembly, and cleaning. Before painting, technicians will first sand, prime, and apply a base and clear coat on your vehicle. Doing these ensures that the paint will apply smoothly. Afterwards, technicians will reassemble the parts and place everything back to where they belong.

Finally, your vehicle will be cleaned from the inside and out. This ensures that any debris from the reparation process is scrubbed away.

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