The Advantages of Waterborne Car Paint

Is it time to give your car a fresh coat of paint? If your vehicle looks dull or its surface has been chipped, you should think about getting your auto professionally done using water-based auto paint. It has several advantages: environment-friendliness, a better work environment, and a high-gloss finish. Read on to learn about the pros of this kind of car paint.

Water-based car paints are eco-friendlier than solvent-based ones, which have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). The former still have toxins but only fewer and do not populate the air for too long like the latter.

Not only are waterborne paints better for the environment, but also for car painters as well. Because these types have fewer volatile organic compounds, paint technicians are safe from harmful toxins and will have a lesser risk of experiencing workplace injuries. Additionally, water-based paints are also less flammable than other types of paint.

Better Coverage
Because of its high solids content, water-based paint provides better coverage compared to other types, while using fewer amounts of the product. It would only take 1 to 2 coats of this paint type to cover your vehicle’s whole panel compared to solvent-based paint which would require at least 3 to 4 coats. Additionally, the colors are also of better quality with water-based paint. This is because they are thicker and have a higher viscosity.

Larger Color Variety
Since solvent-based paints are regulated, manufacturers have created more colors for water-based paints. If you’re looking for a specific color, you’ll most likely find it in the waterborne paint category. It is an advantage for car owners who have difficulty finding one or want a coating that is out of the ordinary.

Get Your Car Professionally Painted at Marv’s Body Shop
If it’s time to get your car painted, save yourself the hassle by getting it professionally painted at an auto body shop instead. Marv’s Body Shop offers car painting services for clients in Sioux Falls, SD. We’ll ensure your auto paint matches your vehicle perfectly through our highly specialized paints and advanced technology. Give your car a high-gloss shine with our water-based paints today.

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