No matter how careful you are as a driver, reckless drivers everywhere can carelessly swerve toward you and might cause significant damage to your vehicle. Your car needs to receive care from an expert, whether you need a simple dent repair or some major bodywork.

We understand that looking for a reliable auto body repair shop can be stressful. After all, you may have just been involved in an accident and have questions regarding the repair and your insurance. Here are some tips you may find helpful:

1. Do Your Research

If you’ve managed to do a shortlist out of the many choices available, take some time to research their car repair shop and read through client testimonials. Look into their track records, especially when they have back jobs.

2. Pay Attention to Recommendations

Any business can advertise, but your vehicle will do better with a shop that family, friends, and even your trusted mechanic recommend. It’s a business that has proven it can completely satisfy customers.

3. Get an Estimate

Taking your vehicle to an auto body shop for repair quotes is one of the best ways to avoid overcharges. You can do this through Marv’s Body Shop’s e-Estimate tool. By getting estimates, you’d have a good idea of how much you’re going to be spending on your chosen services. Knowing a body shop’s price range can help you pick out which one best suits your budget.

4.  Ask for a Thorough Car Examination

While some auto body shops provide an estimate, they often do so without a thorough evaluation. They sometimes make an educated guess without fully understanding the extent of the damage in your vehicle. Hence, they either under or overestimate the actual cost of repair. This is why it is important to always ask for a thorough examination first and then ask for an accurate estimate.

5. Always Trust Your Gut

It’s essential to trust your intuition about the auto body repair shop you’re considering. If a shop isn’t busy, maybe that’s because customers avoid it because of shoddy repairs. Does the shop owner seem to resent answering your questions? You’ll be happier with a shop where the owner communicates professionally and straightforwardly with customers.

Seek Assistance Only From Professionals

At Marv’s Body Shop, our team of qualified auto body mechanics is always ready to assist you with all your auto repair and maintenance service needs. Feel free to check out our website to request an online estimate.

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