Owning a car is expensive. You have to pay for gas, insurance, and lease. We also have maintenance and repairs that can be highly pricey depending on the damage. This is why some people resort to DIY methods of repairing their vehicles.

But is DIY auto repair worth the costs? Here are debunked DIY car repair myths that prove it’s better to entrust your vehicle to a professional:

You Can Easily Fix Dents Using a Toilet Plunger 

This is one of the most famous DIY dent repair hacks on social media. It demonstrates the use of a plunger in removing dent/s; its suction can pull concavity back to its original shape. Some also say dousing the car with boiling water will help the plunger get better traction.

This method can work for minor dents up to the size of a fist. But for huge dents, no toilet plunger can pull it back to its initial form. In addition, pouring hot water on your car can introduce new dents and even chip or peel your auto’s paint. That’s why the best way to get rid of car dents is to leave it to a professional.

Toothpaste Can Erase Scratches 

In the DIY community, toothpaste is the ultimate solution to almost every surface issue. Has your jewelry lost its shine? Rub it with toothpaste. Don’t want your bathroom mirrors to get foggy? Wipe it with toothpaste. And unsurprisingly, people also claim that toothpaste erases scratches on vehicles.

Sure, there’s no harm in trying, but spoiler alert, wiping your car’s exterior with toothpaste won’t remove those scratches. You’ll end up wasting toothpaste. When your vehicle is full of scratches, it needs to be repainted. If you want a new nice coat for your car, take it to an auto shop for a professional car paint job.

Dent Removal Is Way Too Expensive 

Many car owners are surprised to know that most auto insurance policies cover automobile scratch and dent repairs. This means whenever your vehicle gets dents, you don’t have to shoulder all the cost of getting it fixed.

So, before you handle things on your own, make sure to talk to your agent first and ask if your policy covers what you need. Maybe you won’t need to spend a single penny to deal with scratch and dent removals.

Turn to Marv’s Body Shop 

Whether they’re scratches or dents, Marv’s Body Shop can help make your car look as good as new. Our team can handle scratch and dent repairs for all kinds of automobiles. With us, your vehicle is in good hands. You can even track your car repair on our website. Contact us to learn more about dent repair costs.

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