There may come a time when you will experience the unfortunate event of getting into a car accident. While a smashup leaves clear damages and requires a greater sense of urgency, minor collisions can also cause complications to your car. Read on to learn more about the common problems caused by front-end collisions.

Steering and Driving Systems Damage

The impact sustained from a car accident can bend your steering and driving systems. When these get deformed, you may notice that your car turns to the side whenever you go on the road. You may also find it difficult to drive your vehicle in a straight line. Once these systems get damaged, you can no longer have them straightened out. The best solution would be to get them replaced at your local auto repair shop.

Scratched or Broken Bumpers

When you get into a car accident, the first thing that gets hit is your car’s bumper. Its cover can break easily since it’s typically only made of plastic. The damage can range from mere scratches and dents to total detachment. The bumper cover may get separated from its frame after a high-impact, front-end collision.

Engine and Transmission Damage

An extreme case would be when the front end of your car is pushed deep into the vehicle after a head-on collision. This may cause damage to the engine and transmission. Since they’re tightly packed together, even a small impact can spell trouble. Some problems that can arise from this include oil and transmission fluid leaks and radiator damage.

Cracked Windshields

This is one of the more common types of damage that can happen from a front-end collision. After an accident, you may notice cracks in your windshield. When left unattended, this seemingly minor issue can grow bigger. It’s best to get this fixed immediately to ensure your safety while driving.

Get Repair for Your Car Damages

If you’re in need of repair for your car damages, visit Marv’s Body Shop in Sioux Falls, SD. Our team of professionals has an auto body repair service for front-end collisions. Drop by our auto body shop today, and we’ll commit to restoring your car to its original shape.

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